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Stamp trays 64 pages

Trays with black sheets for stamps 64 pages

1149 - 1950 €
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Zásobníky na známky COMFORT
Cottoned boards - luxury look of the tray.
Availability: depending on variant
Stock: 5 Pcs
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Discount9 %
Leuchtturm - lux. stamp tray LEDER, 64 pages, black sheets, genuine leather cover | Brown plates with gold embossing
64 stra,. 9 transparent strips, transparent interleaves
Availability: depending on variant
Stock: 1 Pcs
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Luxusní zásobník na poštovní známky.
Luxury cotton binding with golden corner fittings.
Availability: !_według wariantu_!
Stock: 19 Pcs
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