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Postage stamps Armenia

Stamps of Armenia

The postal history of Armenia is truly colourful. The country is located on the border of Europe and Asia, but is most often geographically classified as an Asian country. The first postage stamps were put into circulation in 1919 and were an overprint on stamps of Tsarist Russia. However, this republic was short-lived. Only until 1922, when it was incorporated into the newly formed Soviet Transcaucasian Socialist Republic. Several series of stamps bearing the name of the independent Republic of Armenia were issued during this period, but their issuance was more for philatelic purposes.

After the collapse of the USSR, the newly formed Republic of Armenia issued its first postage stamps in 1992 (MICHEL cat. MiNr. 194-196).

Currently, the cat. Michel there are about 1188 stamps registered (as of December 2020).

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Postage stamps Armenia
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